Mind Games -  Minesweeper

How To Play

Basic gameplay works just like you are used to: Try to find all the squares without bombs. Left-click a square to tell you how many bombs are adjacent to it. If you accidentally left-click a square that contains a bomb, you've blown up and the game is over. Uncover all the squares without bombs and you've won the game. There is also a timer; Try to play as fast as you can to uncover all the squares to beat your previous time.

To help you keep track of which square may have a bomb, you can right-click a square to place a marker. Right-click again to remove the marker. Just because you placed a marker doesn't mean there is a bomb there, it just mean you think there may be a bomb there. If a square has been marked, you cannot click it until you remove the marker. This prevents you from accidentally clicking a square that may have a bomb.


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