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After a rather long break we are back with another issue of our newsletter and hope that it is as enjoyable as the previous ones. As always it is packed with latest news, featured articles, games, puzzles, quizzes and trivia! Furthermore in this latest issue we have added a section that covers scientific studies about intelligence and the brain. We wish you happy reading.


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2. Studies
3. In the news
3. Article: Breastfeeding and IQ
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5. Site of the month: Brains Rule!
6. Word of the month: Palpable
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Puzzles and Teasers

Logic Brain Teaser - Why are 1968 pennies worth more than 1967 pennies?

Lateral Brain Teaser - If you put a small coin into a an empty wine bottle and replace the cork, how would you get the coin out of the bottle without taking out the cork or breaking the bottle?

Riddle: What is put on a table and cut, but never eaten?



1. Smart people and financial decisions

Suppose that you were offered $100 today or $150 one year from now, which would you choose?

This question was presented to a group of 1,000 volunteers by researchers at the University of Bonn and the Institute for the Study of Labor.  In addition IQ tests were administered to the same group.

The outcome of the experiment showed that higher IQ individuals preferred to wait a year and receive more money.

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2. Understanding the impact of logic and emotion in decision making

We frequently try to use logical arguments and numbers and facts when making decisions. However our decision making processes are not as logical  as we would expect them to be.

The human brain is capable of processing both emotional and empirical information. By empirical information we mean that information which is derived from experience or observation. In most people emotional reactions prevail because they are usually stronger than logical reactions.

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In the news

Reading method discovered

Scientists have discovered that the method our eyes use to process letters on a page is different than previously believed. Instead of assimilating one letter at a time our eyes actually lock on to two different letters simultaneously about half the time. "The team's results demonstrated that both eyes lock on to the same letter 53% of the time; for 39% of the time they see different letters with uncrossed eyes; and for 8% of the time the eyes are crossing to focus on different letters. A follow-up experiment with the eye-tracking equipment showed that we only see one clear image when reading because our brain fuses the different images from our eyes together."

High IQ homes

More smart features and technology are being implemented in luxury homes and custom houses. "Homeowners can now use the Internet to remotely operate thermostats. They can make an empty house look occupied with "smart" lighting, stereos or televisions programmed to turn on and off at specific times. And they can use security cameras to keep tabs on the house 24/7." The new technology is beneficial to the environment and can be used to control and therefore conserve the voltage traveling to various appliances.

IQ at five foretells earning potential

New research has discovered that children who attend preschool have better chances at enjoying a prosperous working life. Michael Keane, professor of economics at the University of Technology, Sydney, claims that IQ tests can predict academic success and future earning potential at a very early age. "If you know the kid's IQ test scores at age five, that is a better predictor than the parents' IQ or income,". Michael Keane claims that quality preschooling is more effective than tuition subsidies for university students and suggests more government funding in this direction.

Measure your triglycerides IQ

Breastfeeding and IQ

by: Carrie Lauth

Modern parents want to do everything they can to help their children's brain development.

Never before have there been so many products and books sold that claim to help parents stimulate their baby's brain, assist in brain development, and give baby an intelligence "edge".

Recently, a variety of studies have come to light that tout the benefits of breastfeeding on brain development and intelligence.

How does breastfeeding benefit the brain?

It comes down to a couple of important things, some of which are tangible and measurable, and some that are not.

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Quotes and trivia

Minds are like parachutes, they only function when open. - Thomas Dewar

The intelligent man is one who has successfully fulfilled many accomplishments, and is yet willing to learn more. - Ed Parker

Each year there are about 300,000 brain concussions that occur during sports activities.

The cerebellum is only 10% of the entire volume of the brain, but contains more than half of all of the neurons in the brain.

Site of the month

Games at Brains Rule!

Features interactive games that help you to learn about brain anatomy and brain development.

Word of the month


Capable of being touched or felt. Easily perceptible.

The movie's emotional potential, lying in wait for two hours, will sneak up on viewers, hitting them with a palpable thud.
-- "Crime tale told with restraint", Dallas Morning News, May 10, 1999

Memory tips

Acronyms - An acronym is a word formed from the initial letters of a name or by combining initial letters or parts of a series of words. For example DOS is a well know acronym for Disk Operating System.

You may create your own acronyms in order to remember a series of items, for example IPMAT is an acronym for the stages of cell division
Interphase, Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telephase

Concentration game - Test your memory! Uncover all the blocks by successfully matching the image pairs. Try and complete it after two minutes, if you can complete it in a minute let me know!

Puzzles and teaser solutions

1. 1968 pennies are one penny more than 1967 pennies
2. Push the cork into the bottle, and shake out the coin.
3. A deck of cards

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