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Language puzzles

Puzzles involving the english language.


Name a word that is pronounced differently when the first letter is capitalized.

Solution: Herb, Nice, Job, Polish, Sake, Reading, Lima, Ares, Divine, Begin, Degas, Natal, Noel, Rainier, SEAT, Tangier, Scone, Escort.

1.What do these words have in common: age, blame, curb, dance, evidence, fence, gleam, harm, interest, jam, kiss, latch, motion, nest, order, part, quiz, rest, signal, trust, use, view, win, x-ray, yield, zone?

All the words can be used as both nouns and verbs.

2.What unusual property do the words FLOUR, TERN, and THIRSTY have in common?

Remove one letter from each word and they all spell a numeral.

3.What occurs once in June, once in July and twice in August?

The letter 'u'

4.Of those numbers whose English representation in capital letters consists only of straight lines, only one number has a value equal to the number of straight line segments required to write it out. What number is this?


5.What word begins with 'h', ends with 'n', contains six letters, and contains eight words besides itself without transposing a single letter?

Herein. 'I', 'in', 're', 'ere', 'her', 'he', 'rein', and 'here'.

5.What, if anything is wrong with the following sentence?

This sentence is false

The above sentence is suffering from anxiety, for if it is true, then it is false, and if is false, then it is true.