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General Knowledge

General knowledge requires crystalized intelligence. Crystalized intelligence is usually assessed via verbal and classification questions, as opposed to fluid intelligence which is primarily assesed by math and logic questions. General knowledge questions test retention of facts and figures, a skill which is usually attained by an effective conceptualization of the environment. General knowledge skills are an indication of your awareness of the connectivity between events and places, and your efficiency at retrieving information from long term memory.

There is always an issue of cultural bias in general knowledge questions, and the challenge is to prevent assessments that focus on arbitrary trivia.

People from all cultures and social strata should be equally represented, and difficulty levels should not favor any one group or culture.

6. Which of the following countries is currently a constitutional monarchy?

Poland, Portugal, Belgium, Finland, Holland


7. Which of the following is not an absolute monarchy?

Brunei Darussalam, Kingdom of Lesotho, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Vatican City State

The kingdom of Lesotho; it is a constitutional monarchy

8. The lower number on a blood pressure reading is?

Systolic, Diastolic, HBP, Differential, Absolute


9. In acidic solutions, blue litmus paper will instantly turn:

red, remain blue, white, green, yellow


10. Basic solutions have a pH:

below 7, above 7

above 7