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Tic Tac Toe

Is it possible for 'O' to win the game?

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This one's quite difficult!


It's a win for O 100% since it's his turn, here's how:

O will place his 2nd O just left to the current 1st O in the image, then X will have to put his 2nd X right to the original O (otherwise O will put his 3rd O there and win), then O will put his 3rd O under original 1st O, then X will either put his 3rd X under 3rd O and O will then put his 4th X in the bottom right corner and win diagonally, OR X will put his 3rd X in that same corner and here O will be putting his 4th O under the 3rd O and win vertically in the middle column

Jerry Petersays...

Makes me think a lot..