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What is three times three?

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Draw the direction of the circle

First row - down ,down,down

2nd row - stationery , left , right

3rd row - 45 degrees down so answer of circle is opposite which is 45 degrees

Square is just diagonal in a row - top ,middle (both given) then next is bottom

Triangle is according to presence in row - present in 1 and 3rd row so answer it is present in 2 row

always remember draw for understanding thanks


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.... omg I’m stupid!!!! I was doing crazy things like adding rows and columns and trying to mathematically find a pattern. But first three boxes move positions vertically,

Second three boxes move positions horizonatally,

And third row of boxes move shapes diagonally.

It’s seems the pattern rules are that the shapes have to go occupy all other spots possible, unless stuck. So the answer is C because the circle goes diagaonl, and then there is no where else to go so it has to go back to the spot it came from. This is the only time this happened in the whole thing was actually happening in the answer. Not only that, going diagonally in opposite directions for the square and triangle. Only like 3% of people should be getting this correct lol.


hi concerning this one

pattern 16

1st set all the shapes are moving 1 space, 1 direction, and occupy a different row each time

2nd set, all shapes are moving 1 space, 1 direction, on the same row

3rd set seems to be identical to set 1, so I expected

triangle = 2nd row middle position = ok

square = bottom row , first position from left = ok

circle = top row, first position from left

option c is the closest, but the circle in C baffles me...can u please explain??

however, none of the options fit the last row's , patterns:


If the square moves diagonally, shouldn't it go in the bottom left? The F makes the square rebound, but in the other images the various forms teleport to the opposite side of the matrix once they hit the edge of the matrix


Shouldn't the square be in the bottom left corner for the correct answer??