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Spatial intelligence

Spatial abilities are the perceptual and cognitive abilities that enable a person to deal with spatial relations, in other words the visualization and orientation of objects in space. Put simply spatial skills assess your ability to manipulate 3D objects by flipping and rotating them. Spatial intelligence questions test raw intelligence without the influence of prior knowledge and as such performance on this scale is indicative of general intelligence. At a first glance, such questions may appear daunting but the trick is not to give up too quickly. Often a second look at the problem will reveal a different approach, and a solution will appear because the brain has been given the opportunity to process information further.

16. Evi found a bottle and there's a treasure map inside!

Spatial IQ question 16

She starts reading the instructions:

  • Face due north at the old oak tree.
  • Take 10 steps, then turn 45 degrees clockwise.
  • Take 20 more steps, turn around and go back 2 steps.
  • Turn 135 degrees clockwise. The treaure is buried underneath the boulder straight ahead.

In which direction is the boulder?

  1. North
  2. South
  3. East
  4. North west


Spatial IQ 16

17. If you dial 3, 13, 0, 17, 3 which design results?

Spatial IQ question 17
  1. square
  2. rectangle
  3. kite
  4. circle


18. How many ways can 'QUAD' be formed in the shape below?

It is possible to travel horizontally and vertically and around corners.

Spatial IQ question 18
  1. 5-14
  2. 15-24
  3. 25-34
  4. more than 34

There are 25 ways in which the word 'QUAD' can be formed.

19. The image below contains 12 snowflakes, 12 sunsets and 12 suns.

Using two straight lines create four quadrants so as each quadrant contains 3 of each shape.

Spatial IQ question 19

Which of the following representations illustrate the correct line positions?

Spatial IQ question
Spatial IQ question



Spatial IQ question
Spatial IQ question




Spatial IQ question

20. What percentage of the entire chart is the yellow section?

Spatial IQ question 20
  1. 1-4%
  2. 5-8%
  3. 9-12%
  4. 13-16%

B. 7%

Spatial IQ question 20