IQ Test Labs

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Inductive logic is the ability to discover relationships in data in order to create rules.

Deductive logic is the ability to apply rules and make accurate deductions, thus allowing you to reason from the general to the specific.

Practice your logic abilities!

Pattern recognition

The ability to identify a pattern in information which may at first seem to be unrelated.

Practice your pattern recognition abilities!

Verbal skills

Proficiency in reading and comprehension with respect to information presented in writing.

Practice your verbal skills!

Visual skills

The ability to determine how objects will look like if they are rotated or folded, or if their components are moved or rearranged.

Practice your visual skills!

Spatial orientation

The ability to determine the relative position of objects around you or your position in relation to the environment.

Practice your spatial orientation!

General knowledge

Knowledge acquired through education and experience.

Practice your general knowledge!


The ability to organize collections of items by finding similarities and differences between them. Classification skills are important for conceptualizing problems, and memorizing information.

Practice your classification skills!

Short term memory

The ability to store and manipulate material for a brief period of time. The longer information is stored in short term memory the easier it is to manipulate information needed in the execution of complex cognitive tasks.

Practice your mnemonic skills!