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Mathematics tips

The best way to increase your mathematics abilities is through every day practice. A few exercises which you can perform include estimating how much you pay yearly for certain products or calculating the sales tax the next time you visit a restaurant.

Here is information on how to approach more specific tasks that are to be found on tests of academic achievement.

Number sequences

  • Definitions - A number sequence is an ordered list of terms or items.
  • Sequence formulas - Standard sequence notation covering general formulas and recursive relations.
  • Question structure - Typical structure and composition of number sequences.
  • Checklist - Brief descriptions of common categories.
  • Sequence types - Information on each category type.
  • Creating rules - Strategy and tips for creating formulas.
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Arithmetic tips and tricks

  • Addition: Methods include adding easy numbers first and starting on the left.
  • Subtraction: Advice on rounding off when to adjust the calculations.
  • Divisibility tests: Find factors of one through twenty and higher for all numbers.
  • Division: Nifty tips for when to double, remove or round off numbers.
  • Multiplication: Ways to simplify multiplication such as switching numbers and creating groups.
  • Squaring integers: Formulas and methods for squaring one and two-digit integers.
  • Fractions-to-decimals: Advice on how to convert common and larger fractions to decimals.
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