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Clever clogs: Top tips to boost your intelligence ratings

By Suzanne Taylor

Advice from experts, on ways to maintain and enhance your brain power.

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Food for thought

There is a well established link between nutrition and intelligence.

What to increase: Dietary supplements, fruits and veggies.

What to avoid: Process foods and refined sugars.

Brawny equals brainy.

Studies have shown that physical exercise impedes coginitive impairment and aids concentration.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Give your brain a workout by taking it off autopilot and trying something new.

A breath of fresh air.

City pollution can be damaging to overall brain function.

Dream on.

Aim for a good night's 8 hour sleep in a dark room. Pay attention to room temperature, and avoiding screens before bedtime.

Mix it up.

A mix of mental games, puzzles, and social activies promotes brain development.

Pop a cork

Studies indicate beneficial effects of moderate wine consumption.