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Emotional intelligence indicators

These are some traits that emotionally intelligent people are thought to posses, and can be helpful both in your social life and in your work life.

By Jose M. Mestre and Kimberly A. Barchard

Main titles

  • 1. You think about your reactions.
  • 2. You see situations as a challenge.
  • 3. You can modify your emotions.
  • 4. You can put yourself in other people‚Äôs shoes

An artist's search for the soul of Google's AI

Merijn Bolink creates an artistic representation of Google's machine vision technology.

By Katharine Schwab

Main titles

  • Google's machine learning app is capable of identifying people and places even when presented with a poorly drawn sketch, and returns 20 representations of every image it examines.
  • The author created a ceramic sculpture of half a tire and uploaded it to see the matches.
  • With every match he created a different work of art that he uploaded until he reached 20 different objects.
  • The finished work of art is titled 'Google's eyes' and is on view at the Science Gallery Dublin until May 21st.