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Culture-fair matrices zones
  • Discovering the correct zone is an essential element of the four-step method.
  • By far, the most common zone to check for relationships between items is row by row; related items will typically feature in groups of three.
  • Discovering the correct zone leads to faster solutions and dissolves some of the complexity of more difficult questions.

Culture-fair matrices: Zones

List of zones:

  • Rows - A horizontal relationship between groups of three cells.
  • Irregular cells - Cells are located anywhere in the matrix, in groups of three, and usually one cell per row.
  • Whole matrix - All cells yield the same information and are equally comparable to each other.
  • Columns - Rows are the norm, though it is still possible to find column-defined zones.

Culture-fair matrices zones


Fig 1. Rows

For every row, the cell on the right contains common elements from the other cells.

Fig 2. Irregular cells

There are three of each shape, circle/triangle/rectangle, in no particular order. The answer is a triangle, divided by a jagged line.

Fig 3. Whole matrix

All grids contain six diagonal lines.