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Pattern recognition tips
  • Learn the four-step method.
  • Decode the structure of matrices.
  • Anticipate common items, zones, actions, and properties.
  • Solve matrices faster and with greater accuracy.
  • Worked examples help illustrate the method.

Solve culture-fair matrices with the four-step method.

This method helps anticipate common elements in the structure of matrices.

  1. Items: Become familiar with standard items.
  2. Zones: Learn how related cells are typically positioned.
  3. Actions: Discover which actions are most often performed on items.
  4. Properties: Learn the interrelationships between properties, items, zones, and actions.


Culture-fair matrices checklist

Follow this four-step method when solving culture-fair matrices.

  1. Items - Lines, shapes, patterns, sides, and parts.
  2. Zones - Rows, columns, whole matrix, and irregular cells.
  3. Actions - Add/subtract, increase/decrease, include/exclude, rotate, move, mirror, intersect, match, merge, cut, fold, resize, cover, and form.
  4. Properties - Item set, number sequence, sum, total, position, angle, size and direction.

Begin the four-step method.

Test your skills with these worked examples!